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Not taking any more orders D:

I'm going to Asia soon, which unfortunately means that I won't be able to take any new orders until I get back. I will keep you guys updated :)

Happy New Year!

Or should I say Happy Chinese New Year?? :D Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I started on a new project.. and also I've been kind of hooked on Breaking Bad :P Either way, I've got lots of nice sexy panties lined up for you panty lovers.. I will be adding them one by one starting tomorrow! Also I will be going to Asia next month! I'll save that for another post though. Come back everyday for new panties <3

I'm back (with more panties <3)

I'm really excited to say that I have finished all my previous orders and am now taking more! So far I've only added 2 new panties, but more will come soon! I also have several lovely Christmas panties.. the only problem is, I love them to death.. I'm not so sure if I'm ready to let them go yet. I might want to wear them a bit longer before I have them up for sale :)

Speaking of Christmas panties, I want to thank the wonderful generous guys for spoiling me with some of the lingerie in my previous post <3 I've crossed out the ones I now have. I love my new lingerie and I've already taken many hot pics in them! You will see those hot pics soon :) Meanwhile, enjoy the new panties!


Spoil me with some sexy Christmas lingerie?

So while doing some Christmas shopping, I tried on some very sexy lingerie from La Senza that I would love to have for Christmas! As some of you may already know, I have this big obsession with lingerie.. I love love love them! Some of them are just beyond sexy.. they really turn me on <3 (in case you didn't know, dressing up is my thing) I'm hoping to do a photoshoot of my favourite lingerie from my collection, and these Christmas lingerie would really make the photoshoot that much more exciting :) Unfortunately, I don't have a boyfriend to spoil me. If you want to see me in them (I know I do :P), send me a Visa Voucher (for Canadian residents) or a virtual gift card or a La Senza gift card (more details at the bottom)! I would really like to have these sexy lingerie for Christmas! I would also be happy to take a few extra pics specially for anyone that purchases them for me :3

Here are the ones I have my eyes on. Beware.. they may be too sexy for your eyes ;)

This one has a g-string back... and hence the reason why I want it so bad... -- I have this one now!! :DD

I am definitely very much into see through/peek-a-boo bras these days. I find it very kinky when a bit of the nipples are out <3 -- I have this one now :D

These will go nicely with the peek-a-boo bra above.. and of course I already have matching white g-string & stockings in my drawer!

Can this get any skimpier?? Love it!!

This is my favourite bra out of the bunch. The rhinestones are very nice accessories for my boobs =)

This is to complete my look with the red bra. Again, I already have matching g-string that also has rhinestones.. can't wait to see them all on me together! All those rhinestones... *_*

I have not yet tried this one on.. but like the red bra above, I bet it would make my boobs look very pretty xD

Another sexy bra. Love the design of this one.

I picked this garter over the other lacy ones because I simply love the strappy look.. Something different from the usual lace ones, I guess. But I also think the strappy-ness will look a lot sexier!

This is just one bad ass Christmas lingerie. Not my usual pink and lacy style.. can you imagine me wearing this one? -- I have this one now! :D

A completely sheer mesh bodysuit with rhinestones?? Yes please!

La Senza gift card :)

Thinking of buying me some of the lingerie? Here are a few options:

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Edge Logistics
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